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Esquire to Use E Ink Technology in Its Cover to Celebrate Platinum Jubilee

Esquire Logo Esquire, the popular Men’s magazine, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Apparently, Esquire has decided to celebrate the special issue in a unique way. On this occasion, magazine’s October issue will be published with next-gen digital technology breakthroughs called electronic paper (e-paper).

Esquire has already begun the preparations of the upcoming issue. For which, it is working with Ford Flex Crossover and E Ink Corporation, the electronic paper display (EPD) technology supplier.

The electronic paper is a display technology, which reflects combination of normal paper and flat panel displays. However, unlike normal flat panel displays, the e-paper reflects light similar to the normal paper. Furthermore, it can hold text as well as images.

Talking about the ambitious felicitation project, David Granger, Esquire editor-in-chief, Esquire said, “The possibilities of print have just begun. In two years, I hope this looks like cell phones did in 1982, or car phones.”

The E-paper Esquire will be powered by batteries, which are expected to rate the life of 90 days. The transportation will be a difficult task due to the inclusion of batteries. Considering this, Esquire will distribute the magazines via refrigerated trucks.

Though the e-paper magazines are impractical way of distributing magazines today but it might possess the potential of ruling the next generation.