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eScan 10 Mini Review: Better Safe than Sorry!

eScan Review

Gone are the days when we had lesser worries of a virus or malware attack. In today’s date installing an anti-virus software has become a necessity. Before you even buy a PC, one needs to get an anti-virus package. After trying and testing various anti-virus softwares, we thought of trying out the eScan 10.

While we started the setup, we noticed the simplicity in the setting up procedures and also the quick install was impressive. As any other anti-virus software, so does the eScan start with a complete check of the computer. Whenever there is a virus alert, the software instantly shows up a pop-up on the screen. To begin with, we also downloaded the eScan update from the internet, although it took a while during the initial download process, but it sure gave an assurance of the PC being safeguarded and protected against any virus attack.

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The pro-active software sure catches hold of the tiny viruses hiding in your computer. We were amazed with the results, when we inserted a USB pen drive and scanned it with eScan, it instantly picked up the virus that was transmitted while data was being transferred from one PC to another via the USB pen drive. The quick and pro-activeness nature of this software in detecting the virus and then alerting the user of the same is quite interesting.

As they say ‘Every coin has two sides’, similarly, lets look at the drawbacks of this alert software. At times, the software makes the working of the PC slow while it does a daily scan of the computer. The software also makes the internet slightly slow than before, however it does a good job in protection of the computer. Also there should be some process where the eScan update from the internet is a lot quicker as it takes almost half-an-hour to download the updates (Download speeds may vary dependent on internet speeds provided by the Internet service provider).

Although the effective anti-virus software may make the PC slow during system scan; but it does not eat up much of memory space on the system. Now that’s a plus point in tandem to the other softwares in the market.

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To round it off, the eScan 10 sure does a good job in protecting your PC from the nasty viruses and malwares in an effective and efficient manner. As stated earlier, the pro-activeness and alert system remains the unique selling point of this product. So if you wish to shield your PC from the dangerous viruses and spam, then go ahead and try out the latest eScan Anti-virus. As the title shouts out loud, ‘Better Safe than Sorry!’

We rate this smart Anti-Virus software as:

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