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Epson TX720WD All-In-One Printer Review: A complete photo printing solution

Epson TX720WD AIO

Printing solutions aren’t entitled to capturing your usual documents in b/w and color. This product category has extended to encapsulate photos just like you’d have them from a traditional photo studio. No, it definitely doesn’t stop here! Whether it’s printing photos, having your pictures embossed on a CD directly or creating coloring book, all is now made possible without reaching the PC. After drooling over features of Sony’s dedicated photo printer, we’ve now got the Epson’s TX720WD all-in-one photo printer. With more than a handful of features in its kitty, we decided to explore each in the form of this review.

Well, as the device reached us in a carton, we knew it’s not the usual carry-on-the way photo printer and for the abilities it posses, we didn’t expect it either. The device occupies considerable space and can be moved around but not with ease. The upper half goes all glossy while the lower area has been maintained matte black. The rear portion has a protruding section which serves for two-sided printing. On the front surface, the topmost flap covers the scanning area which has been neatly housed leaving a rectangular space in front. The scanner region shows markings to place the A4, B5 papers and so on. The glossy and matte black regions are separated by a silver rim. Above the rim, one will notice letterings like ‘Epson Stylus Photo TX720WD’ on the right side while the left side shows a Wi-Fi sticker.

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Moving downwards is the tray section that is intricately segregated into a large tray that accommodates A4 papers while slightly above it is the smaller tray carrying photo papers from 3.5” x 5” to 5” x 7.” The foldable output tray has been affixed just above it. The tray compartment also comes with a door that shuts it safe within. On the right side of the tray, one will notice slots for MSpro/SD/xD and CF cards and also a USB port. On the back side, to the right of the protruding region the main power cable tail pops out while the other side shows a USB port and LAN connection. The built quality of the tray doesn’t come across sturdy.

The glossy front surface adorns a tiltable touch area with markings that take you through different functions of the device. The left top corner carries the main On/Off touch button. Below the main power button, one will notice a CD/DVD tray eject button while next to it is the Home button that takes you to the home page of embedded 2.5-inch screen. The View Photo Enhance on/off, Menu, Back, five-way navigation, Start, Unlock and Stop/Clear touch buttons follow.

Epson TX720WD

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As soon as we switched on the device, a blue strip illuminated which has been embedded just at the center of the grey rim. The ‘Unlock’ push button moves the touch interface panel and we could affix it to angle that suits us best. It can be moved by 90 degrees. Besides this, the 2.5-inch LCD, CD/DVD eject tray, a home button and navigation arrows illuminate in orange to indicate the start of the device. The area that displays Epson letterings can be smoothly picked which reveals access to the ink cartridges and other internal components. The 6 color ink system on the lower right side shows the company’s Claria Photographic Ink.

The machine is accompanied by a software CD and a bundle of booklets including user guides. The Wi-Fi network setup guide let us quickly run through the procedure and the company provides step-by-step installation process. The installation was quick and simple, you can use a USB cable or opt for Wireless connection and we chose the latter. In case, an installation fails, you can print the check report and know what exactly is causing a hindrance. In our case low signal strength was the printed but once we moved the printer, the connection was swift.

The 2.5-inch LCD isn’t the sharpest we’ve seen embedded on to a printer, and is quite mediocre. The homepage has been divided into two rows carrying four icons each. The upper row shows Copy, Print Photos, Scan and Setup while the lower one has Coloring book, Print ruled papers, Backup and Problem solver. The touch interface is pretty responsive and did not give us any reasons to complain about. The interface is simple and easy to use. The illuminated arrows clearly indicate which way to move. Under Copy, we could choose from options like Black & White and Color, Borderless/Border and also the density.

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On giving a command from a PC about 5 meters away from the printer, we got the document rolled out in seconds. The machine claims to print about 40 copies per minute. It managed to print slightly less than what has been stated. Under copy, one will notice paper settings to select the paper, layout and enable/disable two-sided printing. The two-sided printing option was smooth, just place the to-be-printed material on the scanner and print, the device pulls back the paper and prints on the other side as well. However, we did expect it to be a little faster. Moreover, the optional rear cover can be used to remove the auto duplexer if one does not require two-sided printing.

Moving to photo printing, the Epson TX720WD let us print high resolution 5760dpi photos directly from our USB storage devices and microSd card. However, loading the images isn’t quick. The photo printing was a cool experience, all we needed to do is simply connect our flash drive and hit on print. Needless to say, you can command to print a single or multiple copies. The color reproduction was above average which eventually resulted into good photo quality. The device also brings in the option to restore old photos.

As we lay our hands on CD printing, it was again a simple job. You can either place the picture in the scanning section or directly print from a USB stick or microSD card connected. It provides a step by step procedure until the printed CD is finally out. It gives option to insert single to multiple pictures which can be arranged automatically or manually (we opted for manual arrangement). On hitting the CD eject button, it takes a few seconds for the CD tray to emerge. It took a little more than a minute when we opted for four photos option on our CD. We tried using a plain matte CD sticker as well as a glossy one, but the output didn’t seem as refreshing as the color reproduction came slightly on the dull side. After you create a CD sticker and done with printing, the device always asks for the option to print again.

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We also tried our hands at greetings printing. Well, it’s a slightly long procedure but the result was fascinating. First we had to form a template by feeding our choices on the LCD screen like shape and the placement of the picture, then print a template on a plain paper after selecting the picture. The paper comes with options to choose the font and shadings on a MCQ-type print and you can also write your message. The sheet then needs to be placed on the scanner according to the instructions displayed on the LCD. On hitting print, our greeting emerged out in less than a minute. It maintains your writing and just offers the selected effects. Be it photos or documents we faced the paper jam error several times.

The Setup shows Ink levels in graphical form, clearly indicating which one needs to be refilled. The Claria Photographic Ink does not require one to replace the entire cartridge and one can simply refill the color needed. This saves on cost. Under Setup, it also lets you check maintenance, Setup the printer, dig into network settings and file sharing as well as Bluetooth sharing. The next in setup is maintenance, Printer setup, network settings, File sharing, Bluetooth, external device setup and restore default settings.

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The printer has a Coloring book option that outputs just the outline of a picture, enabling kids to color it with their choice of colors. So, here’s where the name color book comes from. Apart from this, printing ruled papers is also made possible with a single touch of a button. Here it provides options like A4 paper with wide or narrow rule and more.

We tried abruptly stopping a process using Stop/Clear and it does respond quickly. We liked the ease of use infused by Epson like illuminating only the necessary buttons that can be used and not all. So, you won’t end up selecting wrong buttons. The support for USB and microSD isn’t something new yet the inclusion is appreciated. However, there are a few functions that use only the microSD card and not the USB stick. Moreover, you can secure your device that allows printing photos from only your USB stick. However, it does not recognize documents from external storage. There are other options like backup in a microSD card and also a Problem solver that tackles all your queries.


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The all-in-one printer bundles up a plethora of functionalities.

The built-in instructions are pretty clear and you may not have to look around for a manual all the time. Moreover, the device helps by highlighting only the necessary navigating buttons.

It comes with support for USB and microSD card.

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We would have liked a more compact machine.

There were several instances when we faced paper jam issues. Moreover, we were unable to print documents directly from the flash drive.

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Our Shout


This all-in-one stands by its name with the number of functionalities that it packs in. Moreover, for a price of Rs. 13,999, it comes across pretty approachable. The color reproduction could have been better at several instances. For its performance and all-in-one capabilities, the Epson TX720WD has scored a rating of 8.2 out of 10.

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