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Epson PowerLite 470, 475W, 480, and 485W projectors unveiled

Epson PowerLite 400 Series

In addition to the PowerLite 93+, the Epson PowerLite 470, 475W, 480 and 485W projectors recently went official as well. These devices are designed specifically for the K-12 classroom and are said to be convenient to sett up through the included wall mountable hardware.

Increasing the company’s portfolio of short-throw projectors, all the aforesaid models are wrapped with an HDMI port for video and audio playback as well as a RJ-45 socket for network connectivity. The PowerLite 470 and 475W projectors are said to deliver 2,600 lumens in color and white light output, whilst the company claims that the 480 and 485W to be capable of emitting 3,000 lumens and 3,100 lumens, respectively.

Epson PowerLite 400 Series

“Today’s classrooms need bright images to capture active minds, and our goal is to allow teachers to focus on their students and lessons, rather than their classroom equipment. These new ultra-short throw projectors deliver minimal shadows and no glare in teacher’s eyes, as well as vibrant images and crisp text and lines on dry erase or interactive whiteboards,” expressed Heather Litus Johnston, product manager, K-12 Education Marketing, Epson America.

The lamps employed within these devices are most likely to last for up to 4,000 hours in economy mode and replacements are said to cost no more than $79. Similar to the PowerLite 93+, each of these projetors feature the 3-chip technology, called 3LCD. Users can attach their USB storage peripherals for conveniently accessing images without the need of a computer. Besides this, all 4 are said to be capable of remotely connecting to the Epson DC-06 camera through the optional wireless module.

The PowerLite 470 price reads at $1,399, whilst the PowerLite 475W price amounts to $1,499. The PowerLite 480 and 485W price tags sum up to $1,499 and $1,599, respectively. All 4 models will be available starting February 2012, through national resellers, dealers and authorized distributions.