Epson 2D and 3D full HD 1080p home theater projectors launched for under $1600

Pro Cinema 6010 Home Cinema 5010e

Powered by the 3LCD technology, Epson has unveiled its latest range of full HD 1080p home theater projectors with 2D and 3D playback capabilities. Comprising the PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 and Home Cinema 5010/5010e and 3010/3010e, the series utilizes the Bright 3D Drive technology that reduces crosstalk and delivers bright images for an enriched viewing experience.

Holding 2,400 lumens and a contrast ratio of up to 200,000:1 that derives a clear and clean picture, the Pro Cinema 6010 and Home Cinema 5010/5010e are equipped with the Super Resolution and FineFrame technologies for sharper video quality and smoother frame processing. Additionally, with the Fujinon OptiCinema lens, the projectors are capable of converting 2D video playback into 3D. Also, the Pro Cinema 6010 comes with two anamorphic lens modes, two pairs of 3D glasses, ISF calibration, color isolation, ceiling mount, cable cover and extra lamp for flexibility in installing.

Jason Palmer, marketing manager, Epson America commented, “A large issue with 3D projection at home is the loss of brightness in image and picture quality. With the 480 Hz drive technology developed by Epson, we’ve been able to create a bright, crisp image for home users to truly enjoy the 3D experience. Coupled with exceptional 2D quality viewing, these new projectors are an outstanding choice for any home cinema.”

Alongside a budget-friendly 3D viewing experience, the Home Cinema 3010 and 3010e projectors deliver a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 and up to 2,200 lumens for higher black levels. Stated to be ideal for users who prefer an alternative to professional-level ones that require installation, the device sports two built-in 10W speakers for an added cinema effect. What’s more, the series feature Split screen capabilities that enables watching two movies at the same time in 2D mode.

The Epson 2D and 3D range of full HD 1080p home theater projectors will be available through authorized dealers starting this November. The PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 will come for under $4,000 whilst the Home Cinema 5010 and 5010e models are expected to hold price tags of under $3,000 and $3,500 respectively. Further on, the Home Cinema 3010 and 3010e are expected to hit stores from October onwards for a price of 1,555.99 and $1,799.99.