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EPOS Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive unveiled

EPOS Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive EPOS has announced its latest Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive. Introduced first at the CES event this year, this digital pen alternative surely has a lot to offer – besides writing of course.

First and foremost if you take a lot of meetings and prefer the pen over the keyboard, then EPOS’ latest device is just the thing you need. All you have to do is write or sketch as you normally would and everything is wirelessly transmitted to the USB flash drive.

Once the flash drive is connected to your PC, the handwritten information can be saved as an image or converted into text in conjunction with any standard handwriting-recognition software. Storage capacity is set for 512MB (which is about around 1,000 pages storage) at launch, and apparently this can change very easily with upgrades to follow once the consumer market takes notice.

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In short, with its miniature form, low battery consumption, and pinpoint-accurate positioning, from which you can create PDFs, JPGs or even automatically convert your hand-written words into editable text.

The EPOS digital pen and USB flash drive is Vista compatible. The pen and flash drive can be about 10 feet apart and still maintain a proper connection enabling data transmission.

Set to hit shelves anytime in July. The EPOS digital pen and USB flash driveis expected to be priced at about $80.

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Features of the EPOS Digital Pen and USB Flash Drive in a gist:

  • Write freely on any paper
  • Store hundreds of pages of information
  • Transfer notes and sketches to a computer
  • Transform written notes to text
  • Use as regular flash memory to store music, image, video files, etc.
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