Entire Range of 945 Series All-Solid Capacitor Motherboards released by GIGABYTE

Today, GIGABYTE announced an entire line-up of 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards, completing a total product range of All-Solid Capacitor motherboards based on 945 through 965 chipsets. Thanks GIGABYTE logo to the overwhelming response and acclaim that the GIGABYTE 965 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards have received over the past two quarters for there high quality and reliability, the leading hardware solutions provider planned to launch solid capacitors to the 945 series of motherboards that targets the mainstream market.

The latest 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards thereby makes GIGABYTE the first motherboard maker to offer a full range of ultra durable motherboards from high-end to mainstream products.

GIGABYTE 945 series Ultra Durable motherboards use the advanced Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors from the world’s leading vendors. With these high-quality components, users can take advantage of enhanced electronic conductivity and outstanding heat resistance to improve system durability. GIGABYTE 945 series Ultra Durable motherboards are guaranteed to deliver maximum stability, reliability and longer system lifetime for the ultimate PC gaming and entertainment experience.

Average Lifespan of Solid Caps. vs. Electrolytic Caps.

Average Lifespan of Solid Caps. vs. Electrolytic Caps Table

Generating less heat than their electrolyte counterparts, solid capacitors last on average 6 times longer, helping to make certain that PCs stay reliable for a longer period of time. Furthermore, solid capacitors have a higher tolerance not only for higher temperatures, but they also perform better with higher frequencies and higher current than electrolytic capacitors. The awesome heat resistance and better electric conductivity enables enthusiasts to tweak the highest levels of performance from their system without fear of excessive capacitor wear or exploding capacitors.

Adopting an all solid capacitor design helps explain why GIGABYTE 945 motherboards are the most stable, reliable and most overclocking-friendly motherboards on the market today.