Mitsubishi 2011 TV line-up features huge 92″ 3D Home Cinema TV

Mitsubishi WD 92840 3D TV

What exactly would be the dimensions of a living room that accommodates a 92” TV? Now, that’s exactly the dilemma the new Mitsubishi 92” 3D DLP Home Cinema TV has put us in. The large screen TV is among the company’s 2011 portfolio of television products which includes the 640, 740 and Diamond 840 series, and the LaserVue TV. Their new ‘Go Big’ strategy is seemingly what’s steered these large TVs for immersive 3D entertainment.

The TVs in the upcoming product line-up are said to employ the same core technology that a host of 3D theatres use for enhanced picture quality. Enhancements and upgrades that up the ante include a Clear Contrast screen and improved audio support.

“Consumers are demanding outrageously large screens with the high speed response and picture quality to transform 3D TV watching into a bigger-than-life, fully immersive experience,” mentions Max Wasinger, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “We’re responding with a new strategic focus that clearly differentiates Mitsubishi from the commoditized TV market.

The Mitsubishi 640 series 3D DLP Home Cinema TV in a 73” screen size features a new cosmetic design. With integrated 3DTV, there’s also a 3D emitter (DLP link and VESA jack). A rich 1080p picture quality and 120Hz sub-frame rate are on offer while 3 HDMI inputs and digital audio out are the included ports. The TV also features an advanced calibration mode along with brilliant, bright, natural, and game modes.

As for the Mitsubishi 740 series 3D DLP Home Cinema TV, it wraps in a new built-in 3D IR emitter. The wireless internet-capable TV further includes StreamTV Internet media that offers access to Vudu apps and an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad remote control app. Internet controls come built straight into the new TV remote. The Mitsubishi L75-A94 LaserVue TV is a 75-inch large-screen laser TV with 4 HDMI inputs. Its variable smooth 120Hz film motion attribute is complemented by new Clear Contrast screen. Wired IR input, DeepField Imager, EdgeEnhance and PerfectColor/PerfecTint are the other features sported by the TV.

Finally the Mitsubishi Diamond 840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV is highlighted by 92”, 73” and 82” models. 16-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 integrated IST surround sound system and Bluetooth Audio also mark their presence on these TVs. The audio quality is enhanced by a center channel mode and surround channel outputs. Like the 740 series, it features a Clear Contrast screen and the PerfectColor/PerfecTint too. Incorporated with a sub-woofer, 4 HDMI inputs and a wired IR input, there’s much it appears this series has on offer.

The Mitsubishi 640 series 73″ TV costs $1,599. The Mitsubishi 740 series is available in 73″ and 82″ screen size options at a price of $2,099 and $3,499, respectively. Finally the Mitsubishi Diamond 840 3D DLP Home Cinema TV is priced at $2,599, $4,199 and $5,999 for the corresponding 73″, 82″ and 92″ models.