TiVo to offer Hulu Plus on TiVo Premiere DVRs

TiVo Premiere DVR

From developing the commercially available digital video recorder to offering the ability to access live TV and video on demand content, TiVo has been striking the right chord for entertainment enthusiasts. Now, the company has joined hands with Hulu to provide TiVo Premiere DVR subscribers with access to the full-array of Hulu Plus content steamed instantly to their TVs.

The alliance is anticipated to serve users with the unparalleled ability to use one user interface and one remote to access a sea of broadband, linear and video on demand content. For those who enjoy watching their favorite flicks all the time, Hulu Plus offers current TV shows on a streaming platform to subscribers in the U.S., including every episode of more than 45 current hit programs from ABC, FOX and NBC like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Family Guy, The Office and 30 Rock.

“Adding Hulu Plus to TiVo’s content offering was really the key missing piece to the programming portfolio that TiVo needed in order to deliver a truly comprehensive advanced television offering on the market today — bar none,” stated Tara Maitra, VP & General Manager, Content Services and Ad Sales, TiVo Inc. “TiVo is the complete TV entertainment solution. No other service is as robust or offers consumers the ability to access live TV, Web video, and video on demand content from one box like TiVo does.”

Apart from this, users with TiVo Premiere DVRs will be able to delight in full series runs and numerous back seasons of dozens of classic shows like The X-Files, Law and Order: SVU, Arrested Development, Saturday Night Live, Miami Vice, Ugly Betty, Quantum Leap, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Roswell and Ally McBeal.

“We are laser focused on helping people find and enjoy the world’s premium video content when, where and how they want it. Our goal for Hulu Plus is to provide as much consumer choice as possible, and Hulu Plus on TiVo’s Premiere DVR offering is a compelling way for us to drive our mission forward,” remarked Pete Distad, VP of Content Distribution for Hulu.

The Hulu Plus channel will be made available through subscription to all TiVo Premiere customers in the coming months. To notify, separate subscriptions to Hulu Plus and the TiVo service will be required to access Hulu Plus on TiVo Premiere DVRs.