Boxee Box first firmware upgrade to refine user experience

Boxee Box Update

Two weeks ago, Boxee Boxes were dispatched into several homes for expanding the sphere of entertainment. Over the period, the company has been flooded with suggestions, complaints and bug reports coming from diverse group of users. To salve consumers who have been facing problems, the manufacturer has rolled out the first firmware update for fixing bugs and enhancing users’ viewing experience, reveals a post on the Boxee blog.

The update has been designed to perk up various aspects such as media playback, wireless connectivity and network sharing amongst others. The installation of this upgrade is expected to purge issues faced while watching 1080i playback in a web browser as well as the low fps speed of some HD .avi content. Users with troubles such as re-buffering of HD-audio during playback and incoherent play of MPEG1 video can heave a sigh of relief as the update takes care of these problems as well.

According to the company, the update will do away with concerns arising out of unwarranted time required for setting up Wi-Fi and the system’s inability to support some encryption schemes. Allowing users to select the screensaver for a slideshow, improvements enveloped in this pack introduce a global subtitles toggle which has been turned off by default. In addition, this offering enables external subtitles for Blu-Ray and DVD iso/folders.

It has been stated that the Boxee Box automatically tracks updates every 24 hours. Those who wish to manually check for updates will need to visit the System option under Settings and choose the Update section. In this section, they can click the Check for New Version of Boxee to download the available new features and fixes. The company will release firmware upgrades until the end of this year to ensure a seamless entertainment experience while also unfurling the highly awaited Netflix and Vudu apps.