LG IPS Technology LCDs improve the sport viewing experience

LG Display IPS technology

Several international sporting events are round the corner and LG makes sure sports aficionados in India are not disappointed. The company reveals new IPS technology LCDs for the country that offer a sharper and clearer picture, enhancing the sports viewing experience. Yes, sporting buffs can now watch a game right in the comforts of their couch.

Allowing users to enjoy flicker-free motion pictures, there’s also a ‘Clear Voice’ feature that modifies the sound balance to lower the background noise. Claimed to be one of the leading LCD technologies in the world, this mechanism aligns liquid crystal technology intelligently to augment the viewing angle. Users can anticipate vivid and clear moving images courtesy the IPS panel.

Sporting an enhanced Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) performance and variation, cricket fanatics in particular can be assured that their game watching involves no color distortion from any angle because. Being least strenuous to human eyes, the touch panel is also vastly stable as there is no moving picture image sticking.

Much unlike a VA panel, the IPS panel is hard. Also its molecular arrangement does alter even on being knocked. Along with some modifications in the brightness, when the IPS panel is pressed down, the original colours remain. Users are thus offered a much better viewing angle with the IPS panel.

There are no details on the exact price and availability of these LG IPS technology backed TVs.