Epson shows off PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB 1080p projectors

Epson Home Cinema Projectors

It’s been just more than a week since we last heard from Epson when it released its new MovieMate projectors. This time around the company flaunts a new pair of twin assets for its popular Home Cinema line. It’s the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB projectors with their 1080p prowess to be precise that are crowding around for home theater and AV enthusiasts.

Marked by high performance, the value-packed beamers are set to transform the high-definition home theater experience. And it’s not just their native 1080p resolution that should excite users, there’s Epson’s newest 3LCD technology complete with the C2Fine chip too for enhanced color and detail. Along with road-tested reliability, Epson is also said to have done wonders to high contrast ratios. Deep blacks and vivid images with contrast ratios of up to 50,000:1 and 200,000:1 is what’s served up.

“Epson has packed its latest Home Cinema line of projectors with a number of value-add features and technologies in order to deliver high-performing 1080p solutions to the home theater and AV enthusiast market,” remarked Marge Ang, senior product manager, Epson America. “We are committed to leading the market in terms of performance and value, and these models clearly demonstrate that consumers can get outstanding image quality at affordable price points.”

The Home Cinema 8350 specifically delivers high-quality and affordable big-screen entertainment right in the comforts of the couch. Offering up to 2,000 lumens color and white light output, the included C2Fine chipset allows higher contrast of up to 50,000:1. Contrast is further improved courtesy of the Dynamic Iris system. As for the Home Cinema 8700 UB, it’s designed to provide home theater AV enthusiasts the 1080p big screen experience. Light reduction rates are effectively managed with a dual-layered auto-iris. It also packs in Epson’s D7 chipset and the UltraBlack technology while the brightness offered reads at 1,600 lumens color and white light output.

Epson’s Super-resolution technology is additionally bundled with the 8700 for better picture quality. The model also features the FineFrame technology for smoother frame interpolation, sharper video quality and judder elimination. The integrated Silicon Optix HQV Reon-VX video processor and PW390 scaler are fitted in for a smoother picture. Outlined with pre-set color space selection that sets color gamut depending on the geography and source material, this projector is also armed with an anamorphic lens mode. The attribute permits anamorphic viewing minus an external processor for true 2.35:1 and 2.40:1 widescreen images. A voucher for a replacement E-TORL lamp tagged at $299.99 is also added in.

The Home Cinema additions further include an advanced three-chip optical engine, a Cinema Filter feature and the Fujinon OptiCinema Multi-Lens Optics System (2.1 zoom ratio) for boosted video image quality. The exhaustive controls are highlighted by the inclusion of Epson’s exclusive 200W E-TORL for up to 5,000 hours of lamp life, five Color Modes, and manual zoom, focus and lens shift for added flexibility. The chassis is outfitted by two HDMI 1.3 connections, high definition component video input, S-video input, composite video input and VGA-type RGB input. Besides the chic white casing complemented by the reversible Epson logo on the front panel enables the devices to be reoriented for tabletop, shelf and ceiling mounting.

Backed by a two-year limited warranty to Epson’s PrivateLine priority technical support, a 90-day limited lamp warranty and free two-business day exchange with Extra Care Home Service, the Home Cinema 8350 and 8700 UB projectors are placed in the sub-$1,300 and sub-$2,200 categories, respectively. They should be available before this month ends.