India’s first 3G driven mobile TV services via MTNL enhanced

Aksh Alcatel-Lucent MTNL

The 3G broadband scenario appears to have been hazy for multimedia enthusiasts in India until now. MTNL looks at changing that at least as far as the TV watching experience is concerned. Recently, MTNL unveiled India’s first 3G mobile TV service that includes Alcatel-Lucent and Aksh Optifibre solutions.

The commercial launch of India’s first 3G-driven mobile TV services has now been enabled thanks to a distinct collaboration between Alcatel-Lucent and Aksh Optifibre. Uniquely delivered by MTNL, this new mobile TV service has kept MTNL mobile subscribers in Delhi and Mumbai entertained since March 2010.

Now Aksh will specifically employ its superior IPTV, VoIP services and optical network solutions in India to leverage Alcatel-Lucent’s cost-effective, flexible mobile streaming server. This will offer users an enhanced experience courtesy its bandwidth adaptation and video optimization capabilities. Besides, it should also allow generation of additional revenue for MTNL with the solution’s ad insertion feature.

“At Aksh, our commitment is to deliver ubiquitous technology and path-breaking innovation. We are proud to enable India’s first 3G mobile TV in Delhi and Mumbai. Mobile TV as a value added feature epitomizes convergence in technology realizing the distant dream of live television viewing on the move. Our association with Alcatel-Lucent enables us to materialize that Indian 3G subscriber’s aspiration for a revolutionary product.” mentioned Dr Kailash Choudhari, Managing Director, Aksh Optifibre.

“Streaming video is the fastest growing data service and is a key enabler for mobile operators to justify investment in 3G and LTE technologies,” added Vivek Mohan, Managing Director, Alcatel-Lucent, India. “Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile streaming server offers an exceptional viewing experience, high quality video from the very first video frame, and fast and seamless stream switching when zapping between TV channels.”

As for the Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Streaming Server also known as pvServer, it is revealed to be an off-the-shelf solution that will help roll out video services on 2.5G and 3G networks. The server extends its support to all kinds of standard-based media formats in addition to enabling dynamic switching from high-bit rate to low-bit rate streaming depending on network coverage and bandwidth availability. Offering fast start-up, users can also take advantage of features like bit rate adaption, quality video from frame 1 and seamless stream switching. Additionally, the solution could also aid in monetization of the mobile TV service thanks to its open interfaces offerings. These will permit in-stream and post-roll ad insertion for any mobile video application.

Cementing Alcatel-Lucent’s part in the development of new advanced mobile services for MTNL and of 3G in India, this new mobile TV service also allows Aksh Optifiber to expand its existing IPTV service, iControl, presently proffered to MTNL subscribers.

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