Okoro Media trots out sleek SX100 digital entertainment system

Okoro SX100

With hectic schedules picking up on our precious relaxation time, manufacturers are sure enough trying their best to produce easy-to-use entertainment systems for comfortable and convenient usage. Now, Okoro Media announced the availability of its new, slim digital entertainment system which delivers enhanced multimedia experience dubbed the SX100.

Users can now easily record HD television programming from their cable TV provider or free from over the air HD signals with the help of this sleek system. Interestingly, the system allows users to record up to four shows concurrently with its built-in quad HD tuner. The Intel i3 processor technology ensures blazing fast response time of the device.

Acoustic clarity is assured to users with SX100’s Blu-ray playback featuring 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio via HDMI. The new compact device can also flawlessly integrate with users’ other home theater equipments. Further, the system can effortlessly manage photos, music, and movies as well as can play Blu-ray titles for a better entertainment experience.

The 3D ready system is three-inches high with brushed aluminum A/V styled enclosure blending with every room’s ambiance. The unique Cablecard slot of the entertainment solution allows recording of premium HD channels like Showtime, HBO, and ESPNHD. Entertainment enthusiasts can utilize a Cablecard from their provider to swap their current set top/DVR with the SX100 unit.

With huge 2TB storage, the system enables about 219 hours of high-definition programming. The unit equips 4GB of system memory and runs on Windows 7 64bit operating system. Access to Netflix service is also enabled with the offering.

Okoro Media’s SX100 Digital Entertainment System carries a price tag of $1,695.