MovieTickets to vend tickets through Xbox Live

Movie Tickets Logo Xbox 360 lovers can now book seats for a movie screening without stepping outside their gaming rooms. has revealed that the company has collaborated with Microsoft to offer an online movie ticketing solution through the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

The members of the Xbox Live located in the US can now purchase tickets for the latest films through a text-in or a Microsoft Tag. The Xbox Live will display advertisements for several movies. Customers can click on the commercial to procure tickets for that movie as well as download and interact with significant content related to the film.

“Working with Microsoft and the Xbox brand exposes to an entertainment-driven audience, providing the perfect opportunity to engage like-minded users with our online movie ticketing solutions. We’re excited to be the first company allowing users the opportunity to interact with a movie advertising experience on Xbox LIVE and easily convert it into an online ticket purchase via their mobile device,” noted Joel Cohen, CEO,

By activating a Microsoft Tag through their mobile handsets, consumers will reach a co-branded website which will enable them to purchase tickets through all domestic theatre partners. The company considers this agreement as an innovative way to augment awareness and increase ticket sales through the Xbox system.