LG Electronics teams up with Valuable Group to launch 3D LCD TVs in India

LG Valuable GroupA few days back we had reported about Sony bringing the FIFA World Cup in 3D with its forthcoming 3DTVs. Closer home, LG Electronics is gearing up to offer the IPL in 3D format with its first 3DTVs for out of home entertainment in India. The company has partnered with Valuable Group for this venture.

Aiming at 3D production and exhibition, LG claims to be the first company to offer 3DTVs for out of home setups. Users can anticipate public venues to be incorporated with the company’s 3DTVs probably making way for dedicated 3D zones.

Moon B. Shin, Managing Director, LGEIL, mentions, “We are glad to announce this partnership with the Valuable Group. This arrangement will secure LG’s position in the 3D TV market in India. Considering the Indian market, 3D is a big bet for the television industry. The lack of 3D content, high pricing, and the required use of glasses remain big hurdles for the new technology.”

He continues, “Keeping this in mind, LG will plan an aggressive marketing strategy to create a market for 3D TVs in India in association with the Valuable Group. This association with Valuable Group will pave the way for future 3-D production and Exhibition of various other sports and entertainment properties. ”

According to LG, the LH50 3D TV model is one of the first commercially available 3D TVs in the world. Viewed using passive glasses that are light weight and affordable, it should allow large groups of individuals to indulge in brighter 3D pictures irrespective of the viewing distance. It should certainly be more fun to watch cricket and other sports like Soccer, Polo on 3D formats.

A number of screens in theatres across some major cities in India will be installed with the 3DTVs for the IPL. These include Cinemax, Inox, Big Cinemas and more in Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Kolkatta, Amritsar, Noida etc.