LG brings complete entertainment with stylish HB45E Home Cinema System

LG HB45E Home System

Monopolizing entertainment enthusiasts is no more a strenuous assignment for manufacturers across the world. For those who like watching their favorite flicks with a sense of style, LG has just slid the covers off HB45E, an ultra-stylish home entertainment solution.

The elegant home cinema system features a compact design and a 400 watt power output. Designed to be high in versatility, the new solution provides access to content such as YouTube, weather forecasts and picasa for online photos using LG Netcast. DLNA enables the system to connect to a home music library stored on other compatible storage devices or on a personal computer.

“The HB45E is all about versatility in sound, configuration and content,” commented Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing, Home Entertainment, LG UK. “People want easy access to an ever growing range of content – bringing films, photographs, online videos and so much more directly into the living room. Stylish design and easy connection between devices in the home, is at the heart of this product, with DLNA, LG Netcast and an iPod dock.”

The new HB45E comes equipped with an Idock which allows users to successfully connect their iPhone or iPod in order to access their portable music collection. With this integrated Idock, one can also charge the device. The home system makes the scene with the latest audio processing technology which proffers different sound settings for an unprecedented level of sound clarity.

In addition, it is capable of external HDD playback and offers a TV Sound ez Setup (Optical In). The main unit of the device is adapatable allowing users to place it either horizontally or upright.

The system’s two twistable speakers rest on glossy black stands with a silver band running horizontally across the middle of front speakers and the subwoofer.

As far as LG HB45E’s pricing and availability details are concerned, mum’s the word.