FLO TV to enhance mobile TV service with interactive, on-demand content and more

FLO TV logo

Multimedia enthusiasts’ habits appear to progressing quickly. FLO TV seems to have taken like what seems to be the most natural step in this direction. At the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, the company announced that is all set to expand its mobile TV service with a host of new applications that attune video with Web-based content and social media tools.

The new offering intends bringing in correlative, on-demand content and time-shifted viewing. Also the new expanded capabilities seem to keep in mind how users today enjoy viewing and interacting with content simultaneously.

“With consumers’ mobile entertainment habits evolving rapidly, FLO TV will be integrating its current live linear video with relevant, on-demand content and interactive features that complement the programming viewers are watching in real-time,” commented Bill Stone, president of FLO TV. “Our innovative, nationwide multicast network is at the heart of this solution and will allow us to distribute live mobile TV and rich mobile media services to a range of new devices – from smartbooks to e-readers and tablets.”

Besides, the integrated experiences, the company also revealed a wide suite of mobile TV services that include interactive capabilities, pay-per-day and event passes, and time-shifted viewing options. The interactive attributes will permit users to not just interact with programming and advertising but also gain additional information about a show or an advertised product through a simple click.

The innovative pay-per-day passes are fashioned to give users ‘pay-as-you-go flexibility’. Users can watch the FLO TV service without really rely on a recurring monthly subscription. With event passes, existing FLO TV subscribers can effortlessly add premium content like limited engagement, special events and more to their programming portfolio. Incorporated with Time-shifted viewing, or ‘catch-up TV’, users can store popular shows on FLO-enabled mobile devices.

Users can anticipate the new features to be available on the FLO TV service across a range of mobile devices around the second half of 2010.

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