UTV Interactive lets fans get up close and personal with Priyanka Chopra

UTV Interactive Priyanka

Most often, we see Bollywood movie stars shining brightly with all their glory on the silver screen and at promotional events. But for many fans, this just doesn’t seem enough to satisfy their star struck appetite. Now UTV Interactive has signed an agreement with one such well-known diva, Priyanka Chopra. Through this endeavor, fans will get a taste of her real life via voice chats, voice blogs and an official YouTube channel.

The star now has new means to interact with her admirers through accessible communication channels like the Internet and mobile. Voice blogs based on her life away of the limelight can be accessed by simply punching in *5111* from any mobile phone. To further entice movie buffs, UTV Interactive’s application voice chats will allow them to personally talk to Priyanka Chopra from their handsets itself.

“It’s all about making and maintaining a human connection. I have been blessed with a very interactive fan base spread across the world. I’m very excited to extend that touch point today with the launch of my voice blog, voice chat and official youtube channel. These are very innovative, unexplored platforms and I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone and welcoming them into my world, sharing my private self with them!” exclaimed Priyanka Chopra.

“We at UTV interactive believe in creating innovative & exclusive digital content for millions of digital savvy Indians. India being a celebrity crazy nation, celebrity based content would be a very unique offering to Indians across the globe, and an offering with a huge untapped potential. We are partnering exclusively with some of the most desired and popular celebrities across all the regions to create interesting and original content across the web and the mobile. Priyanka Chopra, one of the most sought after Bollywood actresses today, and one of the most tech savvy celebrities around, is the ideal partner for UTV Interactive to take the celebrities-based digital platform forward,” commented Manish Agarwal, CEO, Interactive- UTV.

The company has also launched a dedicated video channel on YouTube where film-followers will be treated to interesting video content based on the actress. These video clips portray her everyday life behind the camera such as her passion for clicking pictures or showing her admiration for clean blue oceans.

The CEO further added that the company will be fashioning new products to enhance their efforts of bringing fans closer to their idols. Video chat and video blog services according to him can be availed of shortly.