Nokia’s Ubiquity Multiscreen TV client blends internet with TV on any gizmo

Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Nokia’s unveiling of a new software client that enables TV viewing through any network on practically any gadget with a screen hints that entertainment is set to see much better days if similar offerings follow. Nokia Seimens Networks threw the covers off their Multiscreen TV client that combines internet TV and broadcast TV with web and SNS access recent. The client which is based on the Nokia Qt framework, extends a UI for services provided by the Ubiquity Multiscreen TV platform.

The platform functions with the software client to safeguard content protected across a whole bunch of gizmos with in built DRM. The client lets users share videos through internet and SNS integration with permitted limitations. It’s cited to be completely different from current digital TV features like pausing live TV, instant rewind and network-based recording.

“The elegance of this approach is its simplicity. Video content from separate sources can be brought together and offered alongside web apps and other online services and delivered to any device, at any location, using a common, adaptable client interface. Our Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform marries traditional broadcast TV with web content to provide an easy-to-use service people will love,” cited Brook Longdon, head of Media and Entertainment Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks.

“The maturity, flexibility and large developer community for Qt provide Nokia Siemens Networks and its customers with a leading open source tool, and a community of users that will enable the development and deployment of high performance user interfaces and applications on any device,” remarked Sebastian Nystrom, vice president, Application and Service Frameworks at Nokia.

The client accommodates several OS including Symbian and Android. Apart from leveraging 3D graphics acceleration to support UI animation, it delivers fast booting and channel-changing. The open source Qt platform apparently boasts of a sizable application developer ecosystem, with operators being able to incorporate or open app stores that offer new services.

Nokia appears capable of showing off its abilities as a vendor that can utilize available resources to support a wholesome multi-screen architecture with these new developments. The Multiscreen TV client was unveiled at the recently convened IBC in Amsterdam.