New Bose Lifestyle home entertainment systems simplify audio listening

Bose Lifestyle system

Though high-definition TVs have quite taken the home entertainment terrain by a storm, Bose suggests that these are just half the effort. Having witnessed the launch of the company’s most recent Lifestyle home entertainment systems at an event in Mumbai today, we might just want to nod our heads in agreement. Steering superior audio, the new products unveiled by Bose include the Lifestyle V-class V35 and V25 models and the Lifestyle T-class T20 system.

Making way for Bose’s Unify intelligent integration system, these new systems are distinctly blended with proprietary 5.1 surround sound. The technology claims to have overcome most complexities faced when setting up a home theater system. Infusing advanced software and hardware, enthusiasts can anticipate effortless connection of sources. It also displays easy-to-follow steps on the TV screen that include pictures of the connectors. A demonstration of this feature at the event today quite intrigued us as the system console recommended just what cable or port can be connected.

“Today, consumers have players for music, movies and video games, but getting them to work with their TV has become so difficult, they may avoid adding a home theatre system altogether,” shared Ratish Pandey, Country Manager, Bose Corporation India Private Limited. “Our new Lifestyle systems simplify the set up of multiple components, and transform everyday use: onscreen displays work seamlessly with just one remote, and selecting and switching between sources is done at the touch of a button. Unify technology finally breaks down the barrier between the equipment and the experience.”

Keeping up to the advanced needs of today’s users, the Lifestyle systems can house up to six HD sources. The console’s remote has been tailored to operate with virtually any entertainment device counting Blu-ray players, cable boxes, Digital Media Adapters and more. Much unlike other remotes, users don’t need to go through any complex programming. All they need to do is aim a source remote at the console and go through the onscreen instructions. This will allow the Unify technology to auto-program the Lifestyle remote so that it operates with the source. On the screen, devices are listed with their proper names like Blu-ray player, Xbox and so on making it easier to identify them.

On look at the Lifestyle remote and it showed an interestingly simplified interface. Doing away with the clutter of buttons and functionality associated with a standard remote, knobs have been grouped logically. The most frequently used commands such as ‘source’ or ‘volume’ are controlled by the remote while commands that are used rarely are available onscreen. Opening a new Lifestyle system box is not intimidating and five clearly labeled boxes are inside. Users can effortlessly move from one content to the next until they’ve connected the speakers and Acoustimass Module to the Lifestyle system’s console.

“Many of today’s home entertainment systems are feature-rich, but if an owner can’t access those features, they don’t offer any real value,” added Pandey. “The new Lifestyle® systems deliver what’s been missing in the market — a truly simplified, high-quality home theatre system.”

Featuring exclusive Bose audio technologies, the new systems offer theatre-like surround sound from five small speaker arrays. A hideaway Acoustimass Module further completes the audio experience. The speakers can be mounted anywhere in the room as the company’s ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology examines and tweaks the sound to suit the furnishings of the room. We saw a small clip of the animated movie Lifted using the V-class system and were treated to clear audio minus any interruptions.

Specifically, the V-class models pack in Jewel Cube or Direct/Reflecting speaker arrays, an integrated AM/FM tuner and an iPod dock though it’s not integrated into the console itself. They are accompanied by a universal remote control each that sports a two-line display to see exactly what radio station or song is playing. It thus eliminates the need to turn on the TV. As for the T-class system, all features remain the same barring the exclusion of an AM/FM tuner and the iPod dock. For all the systems, the company bundles in a control console that allows seamless connection to sources. They also benefit from automatic video upscaling for up to 1080p resolution support via HDMI.

According to Bose, research suggests only 2% users find the price of home theater systems too expensive. So the Rs. 2,24,888 and Rs. 1,79,888 price tags attached to the Lifestyle V35 and V25 systems respectively we’re certain shouldn’t surprise many. The new Lifestyle T20 system costs Rs. 1,57,388.