Motorola introduces DCX 3DTV set-tops with enhanced software

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Users can now look forward to a seamless home 3DTV experience courtesy Motorola. A few days back, the company announced software improvements for its DCX portfolio of 3DTV set-tops. Enhanced processing within the set-top line-up should allow users to enjoy 3D content to the hilt.

The innovative enhancement will allow 3D content to be acted upon in the set-top prior to its delivery to the 3DTV. This will help users to keep confusions at bay when configuring the set-top and TV each time a channel change involves toggling between 3D and 2D video. The company claims all this to be performed while the visual integrity of emergency broadcast messages is maintained.

“Motorola has been developing 3D technology for more than 10 years, leading the industry with innovative solutions that support the deployment of 3D TV to the home,” mentioned John Burke, senior vice president, Motorola Mobile Devices and Home. “The development of this 3D software enhancement gives our service provider customers a straightforward solution for deploying high-quality 3D TV services today using their existing video delivery infrastructure. By focusing on the customer’s viewing experience Motorola has taken 3D TV to the next level and helped our industry to bring the experience of 3D from the theater into the living-room”

A host of service providers are already intending to broadcast select 3D programming to the home, though it may involve several challenges. Motorola looks at addressing the deployment problems by incorporating 3D signal processing software straight into the set-top. The new 3D TV-enabled set-tops in particular are bundled with a host of enthusing functionalities.

“Motorola’s portfolio supports the end-to-end delivery of frame-compatible 3D signals today, making it easier for service providers to deploy 3D services,” adds Burke. “The fact that service providers are starting to embrace 3D TV will only increase consumer interest and further drive demand for 3D programming and services. Motorola is committed to continued innovation for 3D TV to help our customers be successful deploying this exciting new service.”

The 3DTV processing software has the ability to identify the presence of 3D content and even the type of 3D format. This will allow users to effortlessly move between 2D and 3D channels. Besides, the set-tops are enabled to support 3D TV over both MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 and also offer 1080p24/30 output. On detecting 3D content, the set-tops can automatically reformat all on-screen text and graphics to equal the incoming 3D format for accurate display by the 3DTV. Virtually all on-screen displays like closed captioning, emergency alerts, application graphics and text overlays along with current EPGs and applications are supported by the processing software.

Motorola should be adding 3DTV support for more set-top products, allowing augmented 3DTV deployment. The novel 3D TV-enabled set-tops were showcased by the company at the 2010 NAB Show.