RealD to offer 3D technology in Toshiba TVs

Toshiba RealD logo

While last year was fairly ruled by high-definition technology, barely a week after the CES and 3D technology seems to have announced its arrival. Virtually every manufacturer made public 3D-enabled gadgets at the CES this year. Toshiba too has partnered with RealD to bring 3D right into the consumers’ homes. Yes, the two companies have partnered to offer 3D technology to Toshiba TVs.

With support for the stereoscopic RealD format, Toshiba claims to enhance its development of Regza TVs. The TVs will be designed to provide HD quality 3D content. In addition to this, the two companies also plan to collaborate on the development of technology for active eyewear compatible with Toshiba 3D-enabled displays.

“Toshiba plans to introduce 3D into our REGZA line-up of Full-HD LCD TVs in 2010, and we are delighted to work with RealD, the clear leader in the industry,” mentioned Masaaki Osumi, President and CEO, Digital Media Network Company, Toshiba Corporation. “Home viewing is fast moving toward the total immersion offered by 3D, and Toshiba is determined to be in the vanguard in delivering this experience.”

“3D is opening new opportunities for home entertainment and we look forward to collaborating with Toshiba to bring an unmatched 3D experience to their products,” added Michael V. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of RealD. “RealD 3D technology has revolutionized cinema and the RealD Format promises to deliver a similar premium entertainment experience to the home utilizing today’s existing HD infrastructure.”

A proprietary version of a side-by-side 3D format, the RealD format is capable of multiplexing a left eye and right eye 3D image stream into a single channel. This then allows HD 3D content to be delivered to any 3D-enabled display like plasma, LCD or DLP. The format employs a distinct set of proprietary filters and other technologies to render it compatible with advanced HD infrastructure for high quality 3D delivered.

There’s no word yet on when these 3D-enabled TVs will be available.