Hulu Plus finds its way to Sony PS3

Hulu Plus PS3

Those who get their entertainment fix through the PlayStation Store may not need to look far for more content after they’ve gone through the 23,000 or more movies and TV episodes available to them. The preview of Hulu Plus is currently available on the PS3 according to the official Sony PlayStation blog.

Hulu Plus is a subscription service that extends full current season runs of popular TV shows from ABC, FOX and NBC. PlayStation Plus subscribers can download the free Hulu Plus application from the PlayStation Store to cadge an invitation to the preview. That’s the only way to gain access to this preview version of Hulu Plus since it will be made available to a select group of subscribers.

PS3 users can download the Hulu Plus application for free and pray for access to the exclusive preview. Those who do get an invitation to the preview can avail of the service for $9.99 a month. All Hulu Plus subscribers will have to shell out the same amount for right of entry to the library of TV programs and movies from almost 150 content companies streamed on demand in HD.

When Hulu Plus hits the U.S. some time in the coming months, PS3 users will be able to download and subscribe to the full Hulu Plus service. It will also be made available on other Sony internet-capable entertainment devices like select Bravia TVs and Blu-ray disc players.