Internet threatening cable TV according to Retrevo survey

Retrovo Internet TV Survey

The CES 2010 saw a lot of manufacturers sliding the covers off TVs with integrated internet capability. There’s a simple enough reason for this trend and the Rertrevo Gadgetology Report outlines the gradual shift towards internet TV, especially noticeable among younger generations, as reported by the Retrevo blog.

In the survey, among those aged under 25, 54% claimed that some of their TV entertainment is viewed online, 23% said that most of their TV content is enjoyed online, while 6% responded that all their TV content is watched over the internet. On the other hand, 51% of the total survey respondents replied that some of their TV is viewed online, 8% volunteered that most of their TV content is watched over the web, while 5% stated that all of they only patronize internet TV.

When it comes to preferences based on gender, 17% of male respondents said that they watch most of their TV online, while 9% of women cited that they enjoy most of their TV online. Hikes in cables service pricing also seem to be contributing towards the rising popularity of internet TV, with 15% of respondents claiming that higher cable bills would force them to depend on the web as the sole source of TV entertainment. A majority of the people surveyed also stated their preference for HD broadcasts and the need for live sports online.

Until live sports and premium shows go online, if they do at all, internet TV is probably incapable of ousting cable TV in spite of its rising popularity.