Samsung reveals availability of five new Blu-ray home theater systems

Samsung HTC6730W

Samsung recently announced the pricing and availability details of five new Blu-ray home theater systems in the U.S. The models introduced include the HT-C6930W, HT-C6730W, HT-C7530W, HT-C6500 and HT-C5500. Bundled with enhanced connectivity functions, these new models claim to redefine immersive entertainment.

Bringing in a new no-grill speaker design, all five models also provide the company’s newly-introduced Crystal Amplifier Pro technology. The immersive technology enables users to enjoy accurate reproduction of sound. Among the models, the HT-C6930W is revealed to be a Blu-ray integrated home theater system that packs in 3D capability.

“Samsung strives to deliver the best-in-class home theater experience at an affordable value,” remarked John Revie, senior vice president of Home Entertainment for Samsung Electronics America. “With this year’s lineup of Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, we’re kicking it up a notch by delivering a fully immersive home theater experience for every consumer – including 3D capability and lifelike, pristine audio quality – all with an elegant design in one easy to use system.”

Purportedly the most powerful audio systems offered by Samsung, both the 1330W HT-C6930W and HT-C6730W are fashioned for home theater aficionados. They wrap in 7.1-channel 3D surround sound and also deliver the Musical Room Calibration feature that employs music to calibrate speakers in place of white noise. The 3D capability of the HT-C6930W distinguishes it. With both systems, the company launches a built-in digital signal processor that provides a realistic vertical 3D surround sound experience.

The units are also enabled the Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio high-definition audio formats while sporting 1080p video playback for both Blu-ray discs and standard DVDs. Eight speakers, a wide center channel speaker, two HDMI inputs, a large subwoofer, two tower speakers and four surround speakers, counting wireless rear satellite speakers are incorporated in the systems.

Next, the Samsung HT-C7530W is said to be a typical balance of design and perfromance. Augmenting the home theater experience, it boasts of Samsung’s nature-inspired ToC design to complement not just modern interior design aesthetics but also Samsung’s stylish HDTVs. The wood-grain texture of the receiver’s cabinet while being encased in a luxurious translucent material should hold the attention of users. Included in the 5.1-channel system are two half-tall speakers, two wireless rear speakers, a center unit, a subwoofer, a Wi-Fi dongle, 1GB embedded memory and 2HDMI inputs.

In a diminutive package, the Samsung HT-C5500 and HT-C6500 should suit the requirements of small spaces. Featuring 5.1 channel surround sound, the systems also include advanced auto sound calibration. With an iPod/iPhone dock, their compact bundle does not compromise on audio or picture quality. The HT-C6500 additionally comprises of 1GB of built-in storage, 2 HDMI inputs, and upgraded speakers.

The home theater systems further include enhanced connectivity attributes via Samsung Apps. Moreover the HT-C6930W, HT-C6730W and HT-C6500 sport built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The HT-C7530W on the other hand supports Wi-Fi through the included wireless dongle. The new models are also Allshare compatible.

The HT-C6730W, HT-C6500 and HT-C5500 systems will release in March, 2010 for $799.99, $649.99 and $499.99 respectively. While the HT-C7530W will hit stores in May, 2010 for $999.99, the HT-C6930W will be available in April, 2010 for $899.99.