Vizio unleashes an armory of LED Backlit LCD HDTVs in 2010


LED technology has caught up soon with manufacturers and seems to be becoming a clear choice for environment-conscious consumers as well. Multimedia entertainment enthusiasts are now treated to a whole arsenal of LED backlit HDTVs in 2010. Featuring in the company’s comprehensive HDTV line-up are 37 models in the XVT Pro series, XVT series and M series with screen sizes ranging from 16” to 72”.

Delivering HDTVs to suit any price point, Vizio’s XVT Pro series with TruLED claims to include the company’s most advanced HDTV technologies like 480Hz SPS with Smooth Motion and Smart Dimming. Besides, most of the Razor LED sets combine Smart Dimming for precise black levels and optimized picture quality while and all models deliver energy savings and are Energy Star 4.0 compliant. The TVs are fashioned with slim and stylish attributes well complimented by high performance.

In addition to this, many sets are bundled with Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) and feature built-in high definition wireless (802.11n dual-band) or wired networking. The company is also proffering audio quality via SRS audio processing.

“We believe consumers deserve an opportunity to purchase the latest technology at an incredible value and LED backlit HDTVs are no exception,” remarked Laynie Newsome, Vizio Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications. “Vizio customers will soon be able to choose their favorite LED backlit set in sizes ranging from 72” with TruLED backlighting to as small as 16” with Razor thin designs and enjoy excellent picture quality and function.”

Speaking specifically of the XVT Pro series, TruLED HDTVs come with 1080p FHD 480Hz SPS as well as Smooth Motion and Smart Dimming Defining along with advanced performance. The line-up includes 72”, 55” and 47” Full HD3D TVs incorporate the very latest in advanced HDTV technology to offer stunning 3D images in Full HD 1080P resolution. The series comes complete with advanced features like Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) built-in high definition wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking in addition to a Bluetooth universal remote control and sliding QWERTY keyboard. Bundled with Wireless HDMI, the TV enables users to receive HD video and audio from sources without an HDMI cable.

The XVT series TruLED 1080p FHD 240Hz SPS with Smooth Motion and Smart Dimming HDTVs proffer 240Hz SPS (Scenes Per Second) refresh rates. Boasting of Smooth Motion technology, they allow superior picture quality courtesy their TruLED backlighting technology and are fabricated under 3”. With over 120 zones of Smart Dimming, they provide an incredible 10 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio and have a brightness of 500 nits. Besides, each display is capable of displaying 1.06 billion colors through the use of 10-bit data input panels and sport ambient light sensing technology, ensuring colors stay true with deeper blacks even in brighter environments. These are again wrapped with VIA, 802.11n dual-band wireless networking and a Bluetooth universal remote control.

The XVT series Razor LED 1080p FHD sets are available with 120Hz Smooth Motion and Smart Dimming. They include Vizio’s first Razor LED edge-type 37” and 32” sets with 16 zones of Smart Dimming. Having Smooth Motion technology, these Full HD 120Hz sets have a less than 2” thin profile along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. The models sport brightness of 450 nits while 1.06 billion colors can be reproduced. The TVs are also bundled with VIA, built-in wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking and a Bluetooth universal remote control. The ambient light sensing technology should further allow colors to stay true with deeper blacks even in brighter environments. The sets are additionally Energy Star 4.0 rated.

Furthermore, the XVT series Razor LEDs in small screen sizes 23” and 19” HDTVs visually striking are also unveiled. Showing of an ultra thin design of 1.7 inches along with an edge-to-edge glass screen and chrome edging, these sets look appealing. With the Edge-type LED backlights, they achieve a brightness of 300 nits, with a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. There’s also an integrated USB port onboard that allows digital photo frame functionality. Along with ambient light sensing technology, these eco-friendly sets are Energy Star 4.0 compliant as well.

The M series TruLED 1080p FHD 120Hz sets are offered with Smooth Motion feature and are available in 55”, 47” and 42” sizes. Armed with Edge-type LED backlighting, the TVs have a two-inch profile with up to 16 zones of Smart Dimming, for dynamic contrast ratios of 1,000,000:1 in the 47” and 55” models and 100,000:1 in the 42” models. With brightness of 450 nits and reproducing 1.06 billion colors with 10-bit data input panels, they also pack in the company’s Ambient Light Sensor. While the 55’ and one 47” set are encompassed with VIA, built-in wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking and a Bluetooth universal remote control, each set is also Energy Star 4.0 rated.

The M series Razor LED 1080p FHD sets comprise of 37” and 32” screen size models. Sporting a super-slim design, these mid-size HDTVs provide either 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rates and dynamic contrast ratios of up to 100,000:1. Besides, all models are Energy Star 4.0 ratified.

Finally the M series Razor LED LCD HDTVs in small screen sizes include models starting at 16” screen sizes to 26” ones. Having refresh rates of 60Hz, these sleek and slim Razor design HDTVs come with either 1080p or 720p resolution. The M261VP and the M220NV are specifically claimed to be the smallest available screen sizes with VIA and wireless (802.11n) and wired networking. Each set is also Energy Star 4.0 qualified.

These HDTVs were exhibited at the CES, 2010. Some models will hit stores starting this month with others being available later in the year. They will be offered at prices starting from $199.99.