WDHI LLC ropes in major companies as contributors and adopters of WHDI standard


Wireless entertainment systems are probably one of those things that interest everyone, be they gadgets buffs or others simply looking to avoid tripping up on those all-pervading wires and cables. WHDI LLC has brought in major companies like Maxim, Haier, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Elmo as contributors and adopters of the WHDI protocol.

The original WHDI promoters comprise of Amimon, LG Electronics, Motorola, Sony, Samsung and Sharp. Haier, Mitshubi Electric, Maxim and Toshiba are listed as WHDI contributors. The list of WHDI adopters include Domo Technologies, AmTran, Elmo, Gemtek, Murata, Gospell Smarthome Electronics, QMI, Hosiden, TDK, Seamon Science International and Zinwell.

“After recently announcing the WHDI technical specification we are excited by the rapid industry acceptance of the WHDI standard,” cited Leslie Chard, president of WHDI LLC. “WHDI fills the clear need for a high quality and robust solution for the distribution of HD video in the home. No other standard can match WHDI’s range, robustness and performance.”

The WHDI standard renders wireless, multi-room distribution of full 1080p/60Hz HD with Deep Color from distances of up to 100 feet even through walls. Users will be equipped to set up a wireless HD network in order to connect HD devices like Blu-ray players, STBs, PCs and others to TVs around the home. WHDI certification ensures that devices from different manufacturers can be connected to a single network.

“The release of the WHDI specification, and addition of key CE companies are key steps toward enabling a WHDI ecosystem. We anticipate that WHDI based products will begin hitting the market in Q3 2010,” remarked Noam Geri, VP of marketing and business development for Amimon.

Demonstrations of the WHDI standard are planned for the CES that is currently being held in Las Vegas.