LG reveals wireless HDTV line based on Amimon technology

Amimon LG WHDI

Here’s a solution which ensures that people don’t get caught in a tangled mess of wires connecting their various home entertainment systems. LG has come out with a line of wireless-ready HDTVs and wireless HDTV accessories that are engineered with Amimon’s AMN2120/2220 chipset.

The LG offerings are based in Amimon’s wireless 1080p solutions, with the products housing second generation AMN2120/2220 chipsets. This allows for wireless 1080p 60Hz in the 5GHz unlicensed band within a room or between rooms through walls for linking home entertainment systems without cables or wires.

“Amimon’s wireless 1080p chipset continues to gain momentum in the market,” affirmed Yoav Nissan-Cohen, Amimon’s Chairman and CEO. “The high-quality wireless HDTV product line by LG will enable mass market adoption of WHDI technology.”

LG and Amimon are listed among the promoters of the Wireless Home Digital Interface. WHDI is founded upon Amimon’s video-modem technology. The products built around this technology are being displayed at the CES in Las Vegas.