Meridian tantalizes music lovers with M80 compact entertainment system

Meridian M80 Compact Entertainment System

Users swayed by music madness probably find breathing without their symphonic peripherals as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree. Bringing in extreme portability with enhanced sound, Meridian Audio recently released a compact entertainment system which delivers loud sound bundled in a small chassis, the M80.

Created with the intelligence of its predecessor, the F80, the latest offering’s curved arch equips powerful loudspeaker system for improved sound delivery. Users can now pick it up in either obsidian black, chestnut, or ivory British hand-stitched leathers.

A host of internal sources of the gorgeous system includes CD, DVD and DAB/FM/AM radio with a mix of analogue and digital input connectivity, thereby delivering music enthusiasts a choice of convenient connection. Be it users’ living room, bedroom or a car, the M80 finds its own space and blends completely with the décor of the area.

iTunes via AirPort Express, personal computers or a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System can be utilized as a music source to connect to the entertainment system and listen to peppy tunes when on the move. A Meridian 2.1 DSP Loudspeaker System is capable of filling a large room with sound packed in a unique, mineral-doped composite body.

For iPod users, an i80 Dock is also included in order to listen to its songs and charge the Apple device. The M80 remote control or its front panel allows users to play few select songs from the iPod as well.

The Meridian M80 Compact Entertainment System will cost users approximately $2,995.