Kaleidescape carves out Cinema One for complete entertainment

Kaleidescape Cinema One

Bringing lifestyle convenience to families with young children and movie enthusiasts, Kaleidescape recently announced the availability of its new out-of-the-box DVD movie server dubbed Cinema One. Based on the Kaleidescape Mini System, the new solution ensures to put forth hassle-free, instant viewing and management of an entire movie collection.

Designed to deliver an immersive, amusing journey, the stylishly fabricated Cinema One satiates the needs of young children by automatically switching to a simplified user interface when the Child Remote is being put to use. Those tantalized by keeping their senses occupied can simply press play and start cottoning to any movie, concert, or television episode instantly.

“Our dealers and customers have been asking for a simple-to-install Kaleidescape System,” stated Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Kaleidescape. “The Cinema One makes it possible for many more customers to enjoy the richness of the Kaleidescape experience.”

Sewing up the exigency of physically locating the disc, navigating confusing menus, or sitting through advertisements, the device emerges to be an ideal amusement companion. Users can now browse and sort an entire collection by title, actor, director, genre, year-of-releases, or running time. The kid-friendly solution features easy installation and effortless expansion.

“The Cinema One is the perfect system for families because DVDs offer the broadest selection of children’s content,” commented Leonard Bellezza, President of Lyric HiFi and Video, a leading high-end audio video custom integrator in New York City for over 51 years. “With the Child Remote, even a toddler can find his own programs, and when he presses play, it starts instantly without trailers, advertisements, and menus.”

Its two independent music zones further enable a movie to be enjoyed in one room while music is doted on in other parts of the home. Users can also add another Cinema One or a Kaleidescape player to the home network for more storage.

With the potency to stockpile 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs, the new single component movie server can now be purchased for $4,995.