Hercules outs new XPS 2.0 35 USB and XPS 5.1 70 Slim speaker solutions

XPS 5.1 70 Slim speaker

Matching up to the advanced multimedia needs of most audio buffs doesn’t seem to be a ‘Herculean’ task for Hercules. Well, at least the company’s new audio portfolio seems to suggest so. Hercules recently slid the covers off its new XPS 2.0 35 USB and XPS 5.1 70 Slim speaker systems.

Fabricated in a sleek design identical to the XPS 2.1 Slim speaker portfolio, the XPS 5.1 70 Slim includes upto five ultra-slim satellite speakers. A wooden-made subwoofer that delivers complete surround sound experience is also onboard. Users can anticipate sound that’s not just clear but also immersive with this system.

The speaker bears resemblance to the Hercules ultra-slim design and its five satellite speakers are accompanied by a center speaker. The central speaker is thinner than existing standards and is supplemented by a flat-screen mounting system.

The XPS 2.0 35 USB portable speaker system has been modeled to keep cord clutter and the need for a wall outlet at bay. With richer and more balanced audio, it should particularly suit the needs of laptop and netbook users. In a compact form factor, the system is light and comes complete with its own carrying case that renders it super-portable.

Incorporated with a headphone jack and a microphone input, the audio solutions also house a master volume button on the right satellite speaker. The systems also save on energy and can be controlled through the included wired remote. The remote comprises of a 3-fucntion control button along with a headphone jack, microphone input and an auxiliary line input and virtual surround sound button.

Packing in 2 speaker drivers in each satellite speaker, the audio systems proffer balanced mid and treble frequency response. With clear movie sound thanks to a ported subwoofer, users can expect solid calibration. The speakers are compatible with PC, Mac, netbooks, televisions, MP3, CD, DVD players and game consoles.

Both the XPS 2.0 35 USB and the XPS 5.1 70 Slim will hit shelves in June 2010 for an approximate price of $19.99 and $99.99 respectively.