Netflix streaming comes to Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360

Netflix Logo ‘About time’ feels like a good expression with which to greet this latest bit of news. The official Netflix blog has announced Netflix streaming for Xbox 360 users across Canada and the same for Windows Phone 7 handset users across both the U.S. and Canada.

To break it down, Netflix subscribers in the said regions who also happen to own a Windows Phone 7 device can download the free app, which allows instant streaming of Netflix TV shows and movies, from the Marketplace Video Store.

Xbox 360 users across Canada may now use the gaming system for streaming of entertainment content offered by Netflix to the home TV. A search function for looking up content right from the Xbox 360 is also available through the service.

What’s needed is a broadband connection, an Xbox Live Gold membership and a Netflix membership, of course. A recent dashboard update for Xbox 360 also mentions the Netflix Search function for simpler access to movies and TV shows.