Ford vehicles to offer iTunes Tagging with HD Radio

Ford iTunes LogoA lot of vehicle owners will complain to anyone who’s listening about the time wasted while being caught in traffic jams. For those who would welcome some entertainment during those exhausting journeys, Ford vehicles are set to proffer terrestrial radio, Sirius satellite radio, HD radio as also internet radio via Ford Sync through a Bluetooth-streaming audio-capable smartphone. Ford automobiles extending HD radio technology that permits iTunes Tagging capability will be out by 2010.

iTunes Tagging in a factory-embedded HD radio receiver will be released next year on certain Ford automobiles. The company’s Sync system will enable users to capture a song heard on HD radio receiver for future purchase. Pushing the ‘Tag’ button featured on the radio display allows the song information to be stored in radio memory. Up to 100 tags may be stored until iPod is connected to receive the download of metadata.

“iTunes Tagging and HD Radio technology are strong new additions to the growing collection of Ford convenience features and technology we’re offering customers to make driving even more enjoyable,” remarked Mark Fields, president of The Americas. “This is another example of Ford’s commitment to bring the widest variety of factory-installed customer-focused technology, features and conveniences to millions of people.”

Syncing the iPod to iTunes renders playlists of tagged songs that can be purchased and downloaded from the iTunes Store. The HD radio-enabled receivers installed in Ford automobiles will deliver users Program Service Data that displays song information such as song title, artist name and more on the radio screen.

“Ford continues to lead the market in bringing advanced capabilities to popular vehicles. We are very pleased that HD Radio technology is an integral part of Ford’s broad offering of new features,” commented Jeff Jury, COO of iBiquity Digital Corporation, developer of HD Radio technology.

HD radio technology captures radio broadcasts which and away with static, fadeout or similar problems that confront radio transmissions. Moreover, it also lends various advanced services such as extra FM channels, as useful on-screen Program Service Data.

Ford cars with embedded HD radio receivers are scheduled to be released in the markets by 2010.