Introduction to Anime by Indian Otakus and its Evolution over time : Video

Here is a video with two Anime enthusiasts from India, Sanjay and Srividya speaking their hearts out about Anime, themselves, their take on Animes and much much more.

Like every Anime fan, they stress on the fact that Anime are very much different from cartoons. Anime has more color, style, action, suspense and basically everything you could ask for, all in one package that too!

In the video, you can hear them speak about their favorite Anime, how they got introduced to this wonderful form of entertainment, what they like about Anime and a bit on character development.

In the second video, these two Otakus (Otaku=Anime Fan) take you on a trip down memory lane, as they speak about the evolution of Anime. They speak on how the characters, backgrounds, styles and the animation have improved since the early days.

Both of them tell us what really draws them to Animes. And, why they prefer to watch Animes that are retained in the Japanese language with English sub-titles.

Stay tuned for you will be seeing a lot more of these two Anime fans here on our Web site. Click here, for an introduction to Anime where we talk about the colorful and action-packed world of Anime.