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Enough of those social apps, here’s an anti-social app which helps you avoid people

An ‘incognito mode for real life’ is how its makers prefer to describe Cloak which is aimed at letting you avoid bumping into people you don’t quite wish to bump into. Available for the iPhone free of cost, it is capable of displaying people who are currently a short distance away from you, and it’s even able to provide push alerts for when you’re about to run into someone you don’t desire to meet.

Cloak is claimed to be the world’s first anti-social app, and it may well be since we’re hearing about such a twisted piece of software for the first time ever. Although its concept sounds quite interesting, it’s not what we might call a foolproof bump in-avoider.


That’s because it relies upon the Instagram and Foursquare updates of your social networking contacts to deliver you their probable locations. This means it only counts in people who post using these two mobile apps, and in case of Instagram, those who prefer to share the locations of their images.

Its developers are well aware of this blemish, which is why they’re currently prepping up support for Facebook which will be out soon. This way too, you’ll be able to get the locations of people you don’t wish to run into only if they voluntarily share the needed data.

Anyway, Cloak is still at its infant stages, and who knows what will happen in the months to come. Here’s its App Store link if you wish to try it out yourself.