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Enjoy Disney Parks and Resorts’ 3D Virtual Tour on Google Earth

Disney Parks Tour Screenshot

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has made the Google Earth application more interesting by uploading 3D videos of the virtual tour of Walt Disney World Resort. This online tour includes an overview of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks, as well as its 22 hotels and resorts. Google Earth 4.3 users can enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort’s 3D tour by enabling the “Gallery” folder within Google Earth, or by selecting any of the 3D buildings within the resort.

Also, users can fly through the streets and explore in and around the hotels and resorts, down Main Street to Cinderella Castle, from the heights of The Tower of Terror to base of the Tree of Life. Not only the videos but Disney is also offering its online travel-planning tools through which users can make reservations for the resort. Users can click on images of their favorite attractions and hotels to purchase tickets, make reservations, and map out the vacation with the click of a mouse.

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“You know the phrase ‘next best thing to being there’? Walt Disney World Resort in 3D is going to deliver on that,” said Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “Guests and travel planners can now explore our world with just a few clicks of a mouse, and they can book vacations while being immersed in what the destination has to offer.”

“This is the most detailed 3D rendering undertaken within Google Earth to date,” continued Rasulo. “The work done here will provide a professional counterpart to the wealth of Disney images and 3D models from around the world contributed by thousands of volunteers. The difference Walt Disney World Resort in 3D provides is one of scope and interaction.”

To enter this 3D virtual park, people using Google Earth 4.3 can launch the application and search for ‘Disney World’ and explore the virtual tour. Clicking into Gold Mickey Ears will open an info window, while in the info window you can click “Show Disney World in 3D” to explore more.

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