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Energy saving Energy Smart Vostro 410 desktop from Dell comes to India

Dell Logo On Tuesday, Dell launched its Energy Smart Vostro 410 desktop exclusively for small businesses, in Bangalore, India. The Energy Smart Vostro 410 desktop is the latest in the series of energy-saving products from Dell. In addition, the desktop also saves money as it starts at a reasonable price of Rs. 32,900.

As the name suggests, Energy Smart Vostro has been designed to save around 47 percent of the annual cost that the user spends on energy consumption as well as conserves energy.

“Small businesses are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs,” said Pradeep Natarajan, General Manager – Small & Medium Business, Dell India. “With the Energy Smart Vostro desktop, we’re able to save our customers money and collectively cut down on CO2 emissions, while delivering the features and functionality they require-especially high-performance processing power, graphics technology, fast networking and maximum expandability.”

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Dell has spent six months into the making of the Energy Smart desktop in order to incorporate the changes the customers suggested in the ‘direct customer feedback’. This has led Dell to add certain features that are sure satisfy the consumers’ needs. The features recommended by customers that Energy Smart Vostro 410 boasts off are:

  • Outstanding desktop performance with Intel Core2 Quad processors, 512 MB graphics cards and 800MHz system memory;
  • A larger “tower” design to allow the desktop to grow according to the business needs with space for up to four hard drives vs. two in the Vostro 400 and up to 3 TB of local storage and 4 GB of memory;
  • More expansion slots (six vs. standard four) and bays (four vs. standard three), holding up to six PCIe/PCI cards to increase configuration flexibility;
  • Gigabit Ethernet for fast wired network access.
  • “The changes we’ve made to the Vostro 410 aren’t moderate improvements but an unrivaled combination of performance and expandability for a small-business PC,” said Natarajan. “For customers running complex spreadsheets or databases, multi-tasking frequently and heavily, or using video-intensive applications, you can’t beat the Vostro 410.”

    Small businesses can now take complete advantage of Dell’s expertise in creating such products as well of the added features that the consumers proposed. Not only this, customers can also avail Dell’s ProSupport, the new services portfolio that enables customization of the system and modify its services as per the needs of their businesses.

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    To make the whole business look good on the latest Dell desktop systems, customers will be able to complement their systems with Dell’s first EPEAT Gold-certified display – the E207 20-inch widescreen flat panel monitor, which the company announced during the launch. The monitor saves 28 percent in annual energy costs unlike the big bulky CRT monitors. In addition to this, 25 percent of the plastic used in making the monitor is made from recycled materials. Thus the users can now be happy as, along with Dell, they will be taking an eco-friendly and energy conserving step by using the E207 and Energy Samrt Vostro 410 desktop. The E207 monitor starts at $259 and is available worldwide.

    Meanwhile, Dell has also announced its line of latest version of Vostro laptops keeping in mind the growing demand for mobile technology among small businesses.

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