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Energizer: An Innovative Battery Company

energizer-batteries When it comes to choosing the right battery for the job, the choice is overwhelming. From many different world-leading brands to various capacities and size, the world of batteries is a big one.

One such battery brand has a history of firsts, with a history going back to the 1890s. Energizer is one of the world’s most innovative battery manufacturers, thanks to the early beginnings of Eveready; one of the brands under the Energizer name.

In 1896, a dry cell battery manufactured by National Carbon Company became the first commercially available battery in the US. National Carbon Company became Eveready Battery Company, which is also known today as Energizer. Two years later, the founder of Eveready invented the handheld torch.

What followed was innovation after innovation, including the first 9V battery, the first commercial watch battery, the first miniature heading aid battery and the first cylindrical alkaline battery.

What is most interesting is Energizer’s invention in 1992; the first AA lithium battery. Here we take a look at how Energizer lithium batteries have become such an important part of the battery industry.

Lithium batteries from Energizer

Since 1992, Energizer has continued to make innovative lithium batteries for high tech devices. Their product improvement over the years has meant better design and even more impressive features to deal with modern demands.

The Ultimate Lithium range offers the longest-lasting power in high tech devices. At 33% lighter than alkaline batteries, Energizer Ultimate Lithium can also operate in extreme temperatures; from around -40 to 60 degrees.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries can help to create less waste too; vs Energizer MAX, you need fewer Ultimate batteries to power your devices, which in turn creates less waste. What’s more, they have a leak-proof design.

Impressively, Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery has actually set the record for the longest-lasting AA battery; it has been included in the Guinness World Records.

Product innovation

Energizer has continued to improve its batteries, with an improved interface to allow for more lithium utilization as well as more efficient design to minimize inactive volume.

The range can hold its power for up to 20 years; this means they can retain power even when sat on a shelf and not in use. What’s more, the 9V battery in the range can last up to 65% longer in smoke detectors, when compared to Energizer standard alkaline.