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6 EndNote Alternatives

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A reliable EndNote alternative can prove to be your best buddy especially when you have to formulate articles, essays or conduct research. And thanks to its plethora of interesting features, it also caters to the needs of students, authors, and scholars. Reference management software bundles are packed to the hilt with comprehensive tools that aid you in organizing material bits, scouting around the web and even sharing your findings with other concerned parties. Through any of the following options, you’ll be able to seamlessly record and utilize bibliographies and references. So take a peek at the names we’ve lined up here and opt for the one that suits you best.

1 – Zotero:

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With this one in your sights, you can gather up data bits and display the same in one searchable user-friendly interface. As the brains behind this endeavor reveal, it has the ability to support loads of different websites which makes it easier to scan through a wide variety of research material. You can endow your page with different audio and video files, images, PDFs and snapshots of web pages. And since it indexes the full-text content, you’ll be able to easily zero in on your desired characters with just a few clicks.

Stay organized with collections that appear somewhat like iTunes playlists. You can create smart compilations and even assign tags to your library items. What’s more, the software further helps you formulate in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in OpenOffice and MS Word. And besides just synchronizing your data across your work and home computers, it even enables you to create or join public or private groups. This free software piece is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

2 – Mendeley:

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Here’s another program like EndNote that’s free to procure. With the help of Mendeley, you can organize, collaborate, cite and share your research without having any worry-lines on your brow. The reference manager lets you create bibliographies and citations in OpenOffice, MS Word, and LaTex. It even neatly organizes all your PDF data bits stored across your PC. You can also add highlights and sticky notes to your research work. From there, you could even collaborate with your fellow colleagues by sharing annotations and papers.

There are different citation styles to opt from and in case you can’t find an apt one, simply create a new one with the CSL Editor. And lastly, the program is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows PCs as well as iPhone and iPad via a free app on iTunes. Creating bibliographies instantly is just sign-up and download away.

3 – JabRef:

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This open-source bibliography reference manager comes filled to the brim with enticing features that help you with your precious research. For one, you can easily club data bits by keywords or any other sorts of field types. A few of its other attributes read as advanced BibTeX editor, search functions, customization of BibTeX fields, automatic key generation, and support for XMP Metadata in PDFs. Endowed with a customizable interface, the program also supports integrated and custom export formats like Docbook, MODS, OpenOffice, HTML, BibTeXML, and RTF. The multilingual entrant speaks Danish, Chinese, German, Turkish, Indonesian, French and Vietnamese and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X PCs.

4 – Papers:

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This inclusion in our software similar to EndNote roster claims to be ‘your personal library of research.’ It lets you view and search through your entire data collection in an iTunes format. You can further scan through article repositories and download information without even leaving the confines of the software. You won’t even have to fret about painstakingly organizing your data and naming files as this virtual gem has the ability to manage all this automatically. You can take complete advantage of the program in various fields like science, education, news, technology, business, law, and pharma.

And like many of the other options here, you can collaborate with colleagues and share your research with others. You can purchase Papers for Mac OS X by shelling out $79. There are also respective applications for the iPhone and iPad which are tagged at just under $15 each.

5 – Refworks:

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The online reference management software aids in generating bibliographies and citations. It provides a host of handy tools that help you gather, store and share different data bits while conducting research. What’s more, you can gain complete access to your database by tapping into the site from any web-connected platform.

The user-friendly interface is translated into different languages like German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Korean to garner the interest of researchers worldwide. The program further complies with various data formats and plays well with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X PCs. This one will cost you a hefty $100 to procure.

6 – Bibus:

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This program like EndNote is fashioned for MS Word, LibreOffice and OpenOffice users. With this delight in place, you’ll be able to edit, search and sort out bibliographic records. The multilingual program lets you share your findings with an unlimited number of individuals where each one has its own classification. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux systems, it sports a user-friendly intuitive interface and can be acquired without shelling out a single penny.


The software package in the headline here emerges from the barn of Thomson Reuters and comes infused with attributes like Cite While You Write and finding full text for references. The program in question also extends its reach beyond the desktop confines to touch the online space and even your iPad. And thanks to this capability, all your research is synced between these platforms so that you can gain access to attachments, references, and groups anywhere, anytime.

Now if you’re looking for other solutions that proffer a bag of similar features plus something more, then you may just find your EndNote alternative embedded amongst the aforesaid lot. Do return to this space to pen down your favorite mention.

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