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Encrypted FreedomPop Privacy Phone keeps your data away from prying eyes

FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone has been introduced for people who do not wish to be spied on by the government, hackers or other agencies and want to keep their data and communications private. The device is essentially the Samsung Galaxy S2, but it has been loaded with some security software to make sure your information is safe.

The service claims to use 128-bit encryption for your calls as well as text messages and it even allows you to browse the internet anonymously at all times. This not only gives you break from agencies trying to spy on you, but also keeps your data away from the reach of online marketers. This particular feature even comes in handy for visiting restricted websites.

FreedomPop Privacy Phone

Besides discouraging data monitoring and eavesdropping from third parties, FreedomPop is capable of protecting the gadget from virus attacks, malware and other such harmful software. In case you happen to lose your phone, the service makes sure that the saved data is not accessible to any unauthorized source and even assists you with the task of locating the gadget.

Basically, FreedomPop temporarily makes calls, SMS and contacts confidential and you can even rely on it to block unwanted texts and calls. It takes care of phishing attacks and other such harmful things as well. And those of you who wish to purchase the device anonymously can do so via Bitcoin.

The FreedomPop Privacy Phone can be purchased for $189 without a contract.