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Elusive Apple iPhones being sold on eBay even though shipping is scheduled for June 2007

Apple iPhone At least 23 people fell for a scam from a person on eBay who claimed to be selling the Apple iPhone. The highest bidder in this transaction agreed to pay $1125 for one of the six phones that the seller, rgonzales23455 had on auction.

Well, it could have been a perfectly fine transaction, if it hadn’t been for one tiny problem. The Apple iPhone is not scheduled to ship until June 2007. And, even when it does, the price of the iPhone will be around $499 for a 4 GB model and $599 for an 8GB model.

Here is what the crook rgonzales23455 said in his auction listing, “Please note: I have six of these phones available for immediate shipping. I accept PayPal only for this auction. Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Will Ship immediately after payment clears Monday-Friday.”

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However, Rgonzales23455 did not even respond to a question that was emailed to him, asking him how he got possession of the as-yet-unreleased iPhone.

An eBay spokesperson said that after eBay was alerted to the iPhone auctions, it pulled out the listings. Here is what eBay had to say, “Thanks … for informing us of the Apple iPhone listings. As we understand, the Apple iPhone will not be commercially available until June. Any such listings claiming to be selling the Apple iPhone are in violation of eBay’s pre-sale policy which require sellers to guarantee shipment of the item listed within 30 days from the date of purchase. As such, all postings violating eBay’s pre-sale policy will be removed.”

Now, if this transaction had to take place without anyone noticing the glitches, and if a buyer had to actually pay up for the iPhone, then if the phone was not delivered, the buyer could file a claim with Ebay.

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