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Elliptic Labs introduces touchless gesture technology for Windows 8

Touchless Gesture Technology

Elliptic Labs has introduced a system for Windows 8 built on gesturing technology which uses ultrasound, thus making the operating system, meant specifically to suit touch control, seem a tad redundant. The Windows 8 Gesture Suite allows for more natural and intuitive gesturing, and can be used with tablets, Ultrabooks and smartphones, the company says.

Tobias Dahl, CTO and founder of Elliptic Labs, seems to think that while Microsoft’s new interface changes the way people interact with machines, touchless gesture control just makes sense and is a perfect fit for the new operating system.

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3D Interaction Space

He goes on to opine that using cameras to capture gestures has proved limiting and hence implementing ultrasonic technology is a clear step forward. The technology works in a similar manner as radar and detects natural hand movements extending beyond the camera.

Apparently, the ultrasonic gesture technology that the company has developed, increases the gesture space to all sides of the screen. The best part is that this technology can work in both dark and well-lit areas, besting cameras used for the purpose. The technology lets users make simple hand movements in 3D space, which is supposed to give a more natural feel to using the PC.

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In addition to the benefits of the technology in the realm of working environments, it also consumes far less power. When matched up with current camera image-based systems which allow gesture control, the ultrasonic touchless technology uses as much as 95 percent less power. And this alone should appeal to a wide range of consumers and device manufacturers.

There is even a Starter Kit for laptops, an out-of-the-box solution which allows end users and partners to get rolling with gestures based on ultrasound, without the need to design hardware. The kit is targeted at those involved with testing and application development.

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Gesture Examples

An SDK is also available with which, new ways of interacting with applications and devices beyond Windows can be created. Furthermore, the SDK gives a range of gesture-based examples and features a set of controls including gestures for selecting and scrolling as well as controlling menus and rotating objects.

The Windows 8 Gesture Suite, Starter-Kit and SDK from Elliptic are available now, although the company has remained mum on the price details.

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