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Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari dive into Xbox LIVE Arcade

The games on XBLA Here’s presenting the exciting games “Elements of Destruction” and “Sea Life Safari” which make a dip on to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The Elements of Destruction will keep one busy with the player having to control the strong forces of nature and take a dip in the fun and friendly underwater game, Sea Life Safari.

The Elements of Destruction game will throw the player in the mold of a bitter, unemployed research scientist, who plans taking revenge on his former employer with the support of the forces of nature which are controlled by a weather control machine. Control earthquakes, tornadoes and lightning which will cause a huge amount of destruction all over. The mad scientist can shake down buildings with earthquakes, get down an aircraft with just a strike of lightning or throw or engulf materials using tornadoes.

The Sea Life Safari on the other hand is an easy to play game which involves taking a dip underwater and exploring through various maps and destinations. The game involves five underwater destinations which are filled with 60 types of marine life. The players will be able to click photographs, explore the Coral reef, unravel secret routes, hidden items and face special appearances and rare night-time creatures.

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The creation of Sierra Online, the Sea Life Safari can be yours with 800 Microsoft Points. The Frozen Codebase’s Elements of Destruction will also be available for 800 Microsoft Points. ESRB rates the Sea Life Safari as ‘E’ which is for everyone and the Elements of Destruction gets rated ‘T’ which denotes for teens.

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