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Electronic Team JustStream Review: Mirror your Mac To Your TV Wirelessly

Eltima JustStream Electronic Team JustStream is the kind of program that you never knew you needed. To put it simply, it allows you to mirror content being played on your Mac to your large TV screen in just one tap. And the best part about all this is that there are no cables involved in this process. This software works wirelessly on your local network, and it not only enables screen mirroring, but also allows you to view local videos stored on your Mac on the big screen easily. If you own a smart TV from Samsung, LG or Sony, you’re good to go, but if not, you JustStream also works seamlessly with Roku TV, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The main appeal of Electronic Team’s JustStream, as you’ll realize after you use it for the first time, is its simplicity. This is a completely uncomplicated program that efficiently does what it claims to do. A tiny icon occupies space on the Menu bar, and displays all the available displays you can stream content on. You just need to select one of them, and you’re good to go. In the blink of an eye, whatever all the contents present on the screen of your Mac will appear directly on the large screen for everyone to enjoy.

How to use JustStream for screen mirroring

Eltima JustStream Devices
Once you’ve downloaded and installed the program on your Mac, you can access the JustStream icon through the Menu bar. All the displays available for streaming content on, will be listed there, and you can tap on the AirPlay icon at the bottom to choose the one on which you’d like to stream your content.

Now, when you wish to mirror the entire Mac screen onto your TV, you can click on the ‘Start Streaming’ button at the top. Within seconds, everything that’s happening on your Mac will be displayed on your TV. This is great for when you want to make quick presentations in the office or want to show a few files to your friends and family.

During screen mirroring, there are a few useful options you can take advantage of. In the ‘Preferences’ tab of JustStream, you will find options to show or hide the cursor and mouse clicks. There’s also the option to scale the picture to fit your TV screen, apart from the facility to change the resolution depending on the speed of your Internet connection. There’s even a tab for activating or deactivating audio output during screen mirroring.

How to use JustStream for streaming local content

Eltima JustStream Local
If you use JustStream once, you won’t take much time to understand all its features. One of the biggest features of this program is the ability to stream local video files from your Mac onto your TV. These can be anything from the videos shot during your last vacation to episodes of the latest show you’re binge-watching.

The process involves clicking the Menu bar icon at the top, and then clicking on the ‘+’ on the bottom right side. This is where you can select the exact files you want to make a playlist of. Once you’ve added them to the playlist, they will appear on the main screen, which is where you can double-click on them to have them directly played on your large screens.

What about subtitles?

Support for subtitles comes built into JustStream. All popular subtitle formats are supported, and most of them are picked up automatically by the program if they’re present within the video files. The ‘General’ tab in the Preferences menu has the option to alter subtitle settings, apart from the ability to select whether to load external audio tracks or not.

For those using Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra devices for streaming their content, there are a few extra options to take advantage of. They can choose from a set of 5 subtitle fonts, while there’s also the option to select the subtitle size or whether or not they will have borders or backgrounds. This is the kind of versatility that will leave you utterly impressed with JustStream.


There’s no doubt, JustStream happens to be an incredibly useful program for Mac users. It delivers with ease what it promises, and it doesn’t make you work hard to understand how it works. With this program installed, you can finally yank out those cables that you’d normally use to watch content from your Mac on your TV sets.

If you’re unconvinced about its abilities, you can always grab a free trial of this software that allows you to stream for 40 minutes. The full version can be downloaded from the Electronic Team’s website for just $19.95.