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6 Educational Games For PSP

Educational Games For PSP

Educational games for PSP offer you a chance to train that brain and even have fun in the process. The portable gaming console from the house of Sony doesn’t only cater to FPS, RPG or adventure game fans. Besides just being a device for dishing out destruction in titles like God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, it also lets you tap into your intellectual side with a few interesting titles.

1 – Hot Brain:

Hot Brain

We begin this list by picking a hot topic christened Hot Brain. The game invites you to fire up your mind by tossing forth a series of challenges and puzzles. These mental games are designed to raise the temperature and activity of your brain, hence the name Hot Brain. Publisher Midway reveals that the game stretches to various areas of your mind like memory, logic, concentration and language. Aimed to please both casual as well as serious gamers, it offers an icing of humor to keep thinks hilarious and light. Let comedian, Fred Willard tickle your funny bone as he lends his vocal talents to Professor Ed Warmer, head of the Hot Brain Institute. Besides incorporating several single player modes, it also accommodates up to 3 players via ad-hoc connection. Other game modes here include Brain Race, Test Mode, Practice and Think Tank.

2 – Spelling Challenges and More!:

Spelling Challenges And More

How good is your spelling? Well, take up your PSP and put that query to rest with the Spelling Challenges and More! game. Steering away from dreariness, it revolves around a spelling game show that comes complete with a funky host called Mr. Niceguy. The Spelling Challenge Game Show Mode offers players prizes and dollars for all the right answers but if a word is spelled wrongly, they must get ready to face some dire consequences.

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Besides just improving your spellings, this entrant in our games for PSP roster also unfurls with a plethora of word goodies. There are 100 difficulty levels to opt from, making it an ideal title for the whole family. Spelling Challenges and More! is further infused with 11 different games as well as more than 25,000 words. This game seems like the apt gift for anyone who’s stung by the spelling bee.

3 – Buzz!: Master Quiz:

Buzz Master Quiz

Buzz!: Master Quiz is exclusively fashioned for the PSP terrain and dives into the portable space with loads of questions that range across various interesting topics. These include celebrities, sport, music, TV, nature, science, general knowledge and movies. The Quickfire Challenge, Picture This and Virus Challenge are just some of the new rounds offered with the PSP version of the game.

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There is also a Pass Around mode that enables up to 6 players to compete with each other and see who emerges with the quiz crown. Buzz!: Master Quiz has something for everyone as it rains in with more than 3,000 questions which roll across the screen through questions, pictures and videos.

4 – My Spanish Coach PSP:

My Spanish Coach PSP

Developed by Sensory Sweep Studios and published by Ubisoft, the next title in our list of games for PSP is all set to teach you a new language namely, Spanish. If you’re ever caught lost in translation when you’re south of the border, all you need to do is pull out your PSP console and start conversing with the local inhabitants minus any hesitation. Noted to be part of the ‘My Coach’ series from Ubisoft, this title employs lessons and mini games to teach you Spanish. As you progress within the game, you’ll be taught increasingly complex words and phrases. So the next time someone walks up to you and asks, ‘¿Cómo estás?’ you can reply with utmost confidence, ‘Muy bien, gracias’ and even take the conversation forward if you like.

5 – Chessmaster: The Art of Learning:

Chessmaster The Art of Learning

Chessmaster: The Art of Learning lets gamers experience the most riveting of moments from Josh Waitzkin’s lucrative chess career. The title allows beginners and novices to learn the fundamentals of this mind boggling game. Perfect your gameplay style by following the voice of the master himself. You can also analyze your strengths and weaknesses based on focus, memory and analytical reasoning abilities.

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As you improve in the game, you will be rewarded with half a dozen original mini games. Other attributes include classic chess, scenarios editor, puzzle challenges and various chess variants like Losing Chess, Dark Chess, Progressive Chess and Extinction Chess. All these features can be procured directly on your PSP console.

6 – Mind Quiz:

Mind Quiz

The final inclusion in our games for PSP array is another quizzer that goes by the name of Mind Quiz. You can avail of nearly 50 exercises that span across 4 genres namely, reflex, memory, judgment and calculation. You’ll be transported into a brain rejuvenation program that takes place at school. There is also a handful of exciting features to take advantage of. These include Challenge Mode, Healing Gallery and Brain Age Checking Mode. Complete with different difficulty levels, the title allows both beginners as well as advanced users to dabble in some brain games.

Whether its quizzes, brain teasers or chess moves, the aforementioned educational games for PSP enable console owners to sharpen their minds anywhere, anytime. So which titles endowed you with a ‘brain freeze’ of sorts and just stumped you silly? Do let us know about your experiences with the same by leaving a comment in the box below.