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The Edge desk stops you from cramping, slumping and sleeping at work

The Edge Desk

Would you concentrate better at work were you in danger of falling off your chair if you fell asleep? Try the Edge desk that has hit Kickstarter. The foldable, all-in-one workstation is giving kneeling desks a fresh breath of life with its compact and fully adjustable form factor. It’s clearly not aimed merely at people concerned about their posture.

It is for those who need to economize on space or carry their work table around too. As for us, we’re not sold on it. The makers of the Edge desk promise it’s durable. But it still looks oddly delicate for anyone on the heavier side. Maybe it’s all the bare joints and tilted angles that’s giving off this impression.

The design of the workstation is meant to encourage users to engage their abdominal and back muscles. It also enables improved blood circulation in the legs as compared to a regular chair and table setup. Needless to say, it could alleviate lower back pain too since it makes slumping difficult.

Kickstarter Edge Desk

The Edge will be delivered fully assembled. It claims to be totally adjustable for angle and height. It can even change from Landscape to Portrait mode for when you switch from your laptop to your easel work. At some point in the future, the founders will be launching accessories for it, such as a cup holder, LED light and so on.

The early bird price for the Edge desk is $249. If you miss the train, it’s $299 per unit. At the time of writing this post, the project had 42 backers on Kickstarter. It will start shipping in October 2016. Don’t fancy a kneeling desk? You can skip the Edge and go for a standing desk instead.