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Econco-Keys introduces EK-76-TP mobile keyboard


With a host of keyboards available in the market these days, Econo-Keys now adds one more to this array. The company presents its latest product known as the EK-76-TP. This uniquely designed mobile keyboard reveals a touchpad on its underside.

According to Econo-Keys, this is the first of its kind to hit stores. Besides being a keyboard, it also performs all the functions of a full-sized touchpad. This product can be carried along with customers wherever they go as it is portable in nature. The EK-76-TP has 76 keys which include 12 function keys and measures 8.91 x 3.54 x 0.38 inches. It also consists of a Linux- and Windows- compatible USB interface.

“What makes this keyboard so original and unlike anything on the market is the reverse-side touchpad. The EK-76-TP can be easily flipped over to provide convenient touchpad access, or used from underneath while typing. It is perfect for customers who desire the user-friendliness of a touchpad, but need something ultra-portable.” commented spokesperson Halley Cade.

The EK-76-TP adheres to IP67 standards which are followed by all Econo-Keys offerings. This makes the keyboard highly resistant to water, dust and dirt. It can even be cleaned thoroughly with any hospital-grade cleaning agent. This is possible as the product does not posses any gaps between the keys unlike a normal desktop keyboard. The latest offering from Econo-Keys can also withstand harsh daily washes.

The EK-76-TP can be acquired from the company’s website for a price of $146. Customers are offered a 10% discount when paying with their credit cards.