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Ecobutton Puts PCs into an Extra Deep Sleep, Reducing PC Power Consumption


Seems like I am just in a mood to save the planet today! After the eco-friendly HP ink printer cartridges, now I’m about to tell you about this highly interesting new product that true to its color and name, is sure to do good to the otherwise depleting environment.

Guess let me get off the philosophies and get straight to the product.

Ecobutton is the new innovative device that puts your computer into a deeper-than-normal sleep mode, drawing only as much power as when your computer and monitor are shut down. You can do all this with just the push of a button. And with the next push of the button your system comes back to the last screen that displayed before the shut down. The large green button connects to your PC via USB and has to be placed next to the keyboard, making it easily visible and accessible.

What’s more, with the Ecobutton software, a cumulative total of the money and carbon saved can also be maintained.

As of now there are no details on its direct availability to consumers. However those seeking a business opportunity can order some now from “recognized promotional gift distributors” for anything between $12 and $18 each depending on the quantity.

So don’t just brag your responsibility and love for the planet but prove it now with this amazing little Ecobutton to put your PC into an energy saving ‘ecomode.’

It also seems to be apt for someone like me who is seen more frequently next to the coffee machine on the mezzanine than my desk.


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