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Eco-friendly Solar Powered Bra to charge your Mobile Phone and iPod

Leading Japanese lingerie maker, Triumph International, has designed the super-innovative Solar Brasserie.

The green-colored bra which has the capacity to generate enough power to charge a cell phone or an iPod, incorporates a solar panel which produces electricity and is in turned wired to a mini electric bulletin board for displaying messages. And the benefits don’t end there. Water or vodka can be stored in the Solar Brasserie’s padding, and to sip the drink, simply insert a straw into the brasserie cup. The bra includes a solar panel that can be worn around the stomach.

Organic cloth, which is made through cotton that is grown sans any fertilizers and pesticides, is the material used in the brasserie.

The novel Solar Brasserie from Triumph was unveiled before the 2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyoko Summit that will deal with environmental issues.
As of now there is no information on the bra’s commercial availability. Alas, you can’t gift it to your eco-friendly girlfriend anytime soon.